Hostel life – Upsu Academy

Hostel life: for all those who haven’t experienced it yet may be a two-letter word but for those who have experienced ; it is a cosmos in itself. So, what makes a hostel life a cosmos? The question arises here..

It has always been a throat-cut challenge for every student planning to study living outside their home. Whenever a new academic year starts: thousands of students in search of good institutions for learning leaves their home especially in the country like of ours where quality education isn’t evenly distributed . It has been always a challenging job for everyone to choose the best institution to study and then arises the question; where to live?? Most of the students choose hostel for living. In same concern, different peoples have different views regarding the hostelers and hostel. Some opines that living in hostel is a better option while other argues that hostel spoils 99% of its students. So, what is the reality behind it? Is hostel really a cosmos; a better option or center for spoiling students life? Lets have a brief talk on this…

I will start with myself first. As the background suggests me myself keeping all the dilemmas in my mind chose hostel when I had gone to Hetauda for my those days to spend grade 9 and 10 study. I sat there for almost two years and found about all those rumours being whispered outside true. Yes it was a cosmos: a better option and center for taking the wrong path.

But also the best part about the hostel life is it gives you an opportunity to groove yourself and it all depends on how a student mindset is?..The first and probably the most amazing thing is that circle: those companies and those days spent together becomes golden memories and later on those lessons and golden memories that the hostel life provide becomes the most integral part of our life. Moreover, it gives us with an opportunity to experience all the existing social norms and all the skills at a center place which ultimately becomes a lesson for us to groove ourself in the society. Indeed, many peoples from different religious groups, different origins, different lifestyles, different thoughts and different perception towards future and life live together below the same roof. So that it gives us with a golden time to share our indigenous culture, our traditions, our thoughts and perception there and gain more than ourselves and time to experience that all virtually. As more we experience almost about 40s-50s of lives there. And also gives us a great lesson of team effort brotherhood and the strength of what a group of peoples coming together can do and that is the most memorable part of this…Truly speaking, it the moment when we get to feel the real meaning of friendship as we spend all of our times with them: share everything, every moment with them and care each other as like parents does to their children. Moreover, it brings us with the scope to handle any of the critical situations appearing in our upcoming days. Its also makes fall in love with everyone’s views. Those group studies; those night-long chitchats; those roaming with friends; (most happening) visiting outside in name of buying study materials just to ignore those disgusting and repellent meals provided by hostel; sharing those life stories with friends; those teasing ; those arguements just for remote on holidays and those queue in front of wardens quarter for permission;those dances and parties on birthday partys and celebrations; awaiting long in a queue for toilets and the most important thing hours-long arguement on any topic with friends: these all are some of the best memories that a hostel life gave me. We get to live a routined life there: we get to share our problems either of life or study with friends. Whatever the funs and celebrations be it also gives you some limitations to live. Hostels may have some restrictions there but when you think of limitations you may can miss your freedom. Like you may not get to roam anywhere :anytime; you may not get to watch televisions or play any such devices whenever you want; you may not get to follow your own routine or simply live in your own way as expected.That is what something that bothers to many at all.

But at last it teaches you to live. So after all this what makes students choose the wrong path in hostel. The most important thing that affects is the company you choose there either it be room partner or anything else.Some students have the habit of taking drugs; smoking and etc etc which may lead a student to wrong path.One thing that affects us there is the diversity that we experience there. We not only learn the good things there . We live with some bad-habitual students also there and theirs  habit becomes ours as we have to spend most of our timw there.Some restrictions that we get in hostel also may lead us to wrong. Some students in the name of living a different life especially  for some sum of money is seemed to be doing wrong jobs there.It is also a matter of fact that that many students cannot focus on what they really want to do because of peer-pressure.Some also get affected by the things that they have to manage there. Many of us couldn’t manage ourselves there or say we couldn’t adopt there which also later on becomes a problem.Most probably the thing that affects there is your company; as we get to live with 40-50 life there. Some of them may have some bad habits which may become  our part of life.

Probably; the main thing that you miss there is your family’s love affection and care. You also miss your mom’s hand food; your understanding;the purity; the freedom of your home; the morning sun ray of your window; the whispering wind of your trees; and many more.

So how do you conclude hostel life? Is this rocking or a disaster ..the main thing is it all depends on your mindset and your behaviour towards your friends.